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Free agents are signing with teams that aren't the Knicks

All the good free agents are spurning the Knicks for good situations. Send help!

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The news is coming rapidly that a lot of New York's top free agent targets are dipping into chiller wave pools. Khris Middleton is long gone. Kawhi Leonard has agreed in principle to stick with San Antonio for the same deal Goran Dragic is getting with Miami. Danny Green is going back to the Spurs as well, on a fantastic deal despite the fact that, by his own admission, not listening to what New York had to offer was certifiably crazy.

DeMarre Carroll is headed North of the border to shred with the RaptorsBrook Lopez and Thaddeus Young are going to stay with Brooklyn. Tiago Splitter wasn't a free agent, but he is on the move to Atlanta and that will probably stick.  Paul Millsap is still out there, but he seems to be considering the Hawks or Orlando. Practically everyone is gone! Even Corey Brewer seems like a lost cause.

Mike Dunleavy is most likely not leaving Chicago. Which reminds me that Jimmy Butler is seriously considering the Bulls max offer. Monta Ellis looks to be zeroing in on Indiana. Marc Gasol was never happening. The Cleveland boys sure look like they want to stay together. Certainly doesn't seem like it will be LaMarcus Aldridge.

There are still plenty of guys left, but they're going fast.