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2015 NBA Free Agency: Ed Davis, K.J. McDaniels and other lesser players drawing Knicks interest

It's not all about the big boys; the Knicks might sign a role player or two.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

All the good players have already been signed! Where is my seppuku sword?

Let's all calm down for a moment, brothers and sisters. Take a deep breath, and come with me to the Land of Lesser Free Agents, where there is still some fun to be had.

Let's start with the funnest potential target:


Hey, if the Knicks aren't going to be good, they could at least be entertaining. McDaniels might be the worst offensive guard in the league, but the kid can block shots. Also, the Knicks have a history of getting surprisingly good results from players dumped by the Sixers and then the Rockets (see: Shved, Alexey).

As for the rest, New York is looking into several options, ranging from intriguing to "honey, get my gun" to "almost certainly using the Knicks for leverage":

Some quick thoughts:

  • Ed Davis: Would love it. Solid triangle big.
  • Butler: least he can still hit threes.
  • Ellington: Pretty sure he was just a Knick.
  • Thomas: Still technically a Knick? I hope he learned how to shoot.
  • Willie Green: Still in the league, eh?
  • Perkins: ...this ain't even funny, dude.

Dear Knicks, please sign someone good and cheap soon.