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Behind the scenes with Kristaps Porzingis on draft night

Grantland gives us an inside look.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland debuted the third and final installment of their "Who is Kristaps Porzingis?" feature, this time focusing on his experience at the NBA Draft. Why is this relevant to Knicks fan? Duh because he was drafted by the Knicks on Draft night. Where have you been, hiding under a rock?

You watch now!

Allow me, if you will, to express some thoughts via electric typing words:

- "Hi Phil." Damn this guy is smooth. Yes, I know he already met Phil Jackson during their pre-draft interview. I don't care. That is the most baller opening response to the 13-time title-winning, Hall of Fame living legend who just drafted you in the history of the world. This kid is the Latvian Shaft.

-  Porzingis didn't know he would be picked until the very last minute, which makes sense, given that the Knicks themselves didn't know they were going to pick him until the very last minute.

-  Watching him interact with people -- other prospects, agents, media, etc. -- really drives home how overrated the "culture shock" narrative has become, at least off the basketball court. Porzingis knows how to deal with people, and he's played abroad for more than two years already.

- Yes, Spain and Latvia are different countries. I looked it up!

-  Excellent point by Fran Fraschilla on the differences in perception among fans: "The problem is, if you make a mistake on Towns or Okafor, everybody says, 'Well, it's not our fault. We watched him at Duke and Kentucky and they looked like they were gonna be really good.' You make a mistake on Kris, they're gonna say, 'Well, we told you...another Darko Milicic."

- Impressive bro-hug on Adam Silver.

Here are the first two episodes -- Kris in Spain, and Kris at the open workout in Vegas:

I gotta admit: I had to look up "ectomorph" in the dictionary. He is definitely an ectomorph. I, on the other hand, am an endomorph.