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The Knicks worked out Elliot Williams

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, hi! I am in Las Vegas, where it is the morning. I'll be in the building for the Knicks' Summer League game against the Lakers tonight (8:30 EST). First, a tiny bit of news from overnight:

As they do every year, the Knicks are bringing non-Summer League free agents to Vegas and giving them workouts. Daniel Hackett before, now Williams. I can't remember such workouts ever producing an actual signing, but there's never harm in giving guys a try.

As for Williams: He's a guy! He's 26. He went to Memphis. He's bounced around a few NBA teams and the D-League. He's wing-sized and very skinny and he likes to shoot threes. That's all I've got. Workouts are fine. I mostly just wanted to say hi from Vegas. Sorry to use you as a vehicle for my own pursuits, Elliot.