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Knicks sign Arron Afflalo to 2-year, $16 million deal

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

A signing! The Knicks have added long-rumored target shooting guard Arron Afflalo on a short deal:

Quick thoughts:

1. Afflalo played with Carmelo Anthony in Denver, and he's someone Melo reportedly recruited to come join the Knicks.

2. A one-and-one deal is essentially a rental-- if Afflalo plays well, it seems likely he'll opt out to seek more money next year. But if he plays well, the Knicks will be a slightly better team, so that's good!

3. Given the kinds of contracts floating around for wings -- Jae Crowder is getting $7 million a year for 5 years, DeMarre Carroll's getting $15 million a year for 4 years -- the annual salary here is pretty fair. The Knicks still have room (a bit above $20 million) to max someone out, or sign two more solid free agents ... or plenty of other things!

4. Afflalo is fine. He's had some very good three-point shooting seasons. He can hit a mid-range shot. He's not much of a passer, to my knowledge, and any reputation he has as a defender is overstated. He's a useful player, though, and he's looking like a starting wing.

So there's your first Phil Jackson of the season. It's not thrilling, but it's reasonable, and it tips the Knicks slightly more toward competing this season with plenty of money left to spend. Go get yourself a big man, Phil!