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2015 NBA Free Agency: Greg Monroe is signing with the Bucks

The big man, linked to New York for months, is headed to Milwaukee.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that "done deal" everyone was reporting back in April? It turns out the deal did get done, but the doers didn't end up doing the doing. You dig what I'm saying? No?

Former Pistons big man -- and now-former Knicks target -- Greg Monroe has signed a max deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, per Adrian Wojnarowksi:

The Knicks met with Monroe just after midnight on July 1, so clearly he was a high priority for Phil Jackson. Yet, in the least Knicks-y move of all time, it appears New York did not offer him a max deal:

And so the Knicks are still utterly bereft of large basketball people who don't hail from Latvia. DeAndre Jordan (maybe?) and LaMarcus Aldridge (almost certainly not) are the biggest names. New York met with Robin Lopez, who might be the best possible fit. Kostas Koufos is still out there, being all young and grizzly.

Fear not, my friends. There are other large fish in the sea.