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Carmelo Anthony will attend Team USA training camp

Why aren't you rehabbing? Oh, you are rehabbing? OK then.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A long, long time ago -- round about the year 1 B.K. (Before Kristaps) -- there lived a Knickerbocker by the name of Carmelo* Anthony. He injured his knee, played for a little while, rested, then played again, then rested again, then played in the All-Star Game, then underwent knee surgery. It was a strange time.

* Keep in mind, this is an archaic spelling from an era before humans replaced the letter "L" with a 7.

So whatever happened to that dude? It turns out he might be about to resurface at Team USA training camp, from Aug. 11-13. Per Marc Berman:

Anthony is still rehabbing from February’s left-knee surgery, so he will not be a fully active participant, according to a source. Team USA CEO Jerry Colangelo has encouraged roster members to come to the minicamp even if they can’t play due to injury.

Following surgery to repair his torn patellar tendon, Anthony was deemed out four-to-six months, meaning he’s on the very early fringes of his return. He is back on the court doing some basketball activities such as shooting and probably would participate similarly in Vegas.

Hey, Melo is already back to doing some basketball activities! Like shooting! Melo likes shooting, and is good at it. It would behoove both him and the Knicks to ensure he becomes good at it once again.

In a twist of fate that will certainly make Frank Isola's nipples hard, the training camp will be held in Las Vegas, otherwise known as the same city where the young Knicks played Summer League but Melo didn't show up which means he's a narcissist and a worse Knick than Derrick Williams!!!

Berman points out that Melo also missed the Player Awards and union meetings due to his rehab, but that is a reasonable point, so I'm choosing to dismiss it. Clearly Melo cares more about this fancy-pants "United States of America" then he does the Knicks! And remember when he was marching with the protesters in Baltimore? That isn't your city anymore! You're so selfish!

In conclusion, Melo is attending training camp to keep the option to play for his third consecutive Olympic gold medal...which makes him a loser.