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The Knicks will bring Harvard's Wesley Saunders to training camp

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks' next task is to assemble a training camp roster, and they took a step in that direction Friday by adding Wesley Saunders out of Harvard:

Saunders is a 22-year-old wing who went undrafted in June, then played a few minutes for the Jazz Summer League squads in July.

Even after watching Saunders a bit in Vegas, I have pretty much nothing about him to offer from my own head, but Draft Express describes him pretty favorably and he certainly did hit some shots in college:

He likes Pokemon (that is a very long, comprehensive article from college). He's not Weslye Saunders (that's a Wikipedia page).

A partially guaranteed contract signed mid-summer typically comprises a training camp audition. The Knicks would appear to have some real backcourt minutes available, so Saunders can gun for a full guarantee and perhaps a share of those minutes.