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Derrick Williams discusses his role in the Knicks' offense

I hope he does these things he says he'll do.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent acquisition Derrick Williams might have a difficult time winning over Knicks fans. The casual observers will note the "No. 2 overall pick" next to his name and come into next season with unrealistic expectations, while the hardcore lunatic fans (myself included) will lament every sub-par performance with cries of "Why didn't we keep Maurice Ndour?"

How can Williams combat this negative perception? By coming into camp and kicking ass in the Triangle from Day 1. To that end, Williams took a break from participating in the Drew League to discuss his potential role in New York's offense"

Some interesting tidbits here. Apparently he and Derek Fisher have discussed running pick-and-rolls, which would follow the trend we saw both toward the end of the regular season and in Summer League. It's an encouraging development, given that Williams averaged 1.15 points per possession as the roll man on pick-and-rolls last season, placing him in the 81st percentile, per NBA Stats. If one of your players shows an aptitude for scoring in a particular way, you should probably give him many opportunities to score that way. That sounds simple, I know, but we are talking about the Knicks here.

As for the "be a more consistent shooter" part...well, that would certainly be nice! Williams hit 30.8 percent of his jumpers last season, so it would help for him to be much, much better than that. At the very least, he understands that he needs to make defenders pay for playing him to drive. Whether he can do there's another matter altogether.

Last but not least, Derrick, you have quickly earned a reputation in these quarters as being a crappy, boring-ass interview.  You have two choices, really, if you want to earn that contract -- either you learn how to play NBA basketball well, or you need to start getting weird. I've put up with scores of terrible Knicks in my time, but I refuse to deal with someone who is both terrible and boring. Stephon Marbury's contract might have sucked from a purely basketball perspective, but at least he had the decency to film himself eating Vaseline.

So get to work, Derrick Williams. Learn how to shoot. While you're at it, maybe learn how to defend as well. You are a New York Knick, and I demand you be good now!