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Craig Hodges let go as interim coach of Westchester Knicks

The Dub-Knicks are in the market for a new coach.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Knicks' front office has been on the same page this summer to an almost disturbing degree. Where's all the drama we've grown to know and love?

Ah, here's a story! The Westchester Knicks have declined to renew the contract of head coach Craig Hodges. A Chicago Bull in the early '90s, Hodges was firmly in the Phil Jackson camp. He replaced Kevin Whitted -- Allan Houston's former teammate at Tennessee -- who was fired with four games left in the 2014-15 season.

In summary, an Allan Houston disciple was fired, and now a Phil Jackson disciple has been fired...


Batten down the hatches! We're going to the mattresses! Insert more dumb battle analogies at your leisure!

Or, maybe we could just skip this step entirely and move on with our lives. Whitted was 10-34 as coach, and Hodges was 0-4; maybe the W-Knicks can do better. Maybe...just maybe...Jackson and Houston should look outside their respective circles of trust to find a candidate to deliver Westchester to the D-League promised land.

He should have D-League experience -- perhaps they could lift a coach from the staff of the 2013-14 title-winning Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Familiarity with the organization would be a plus -- perhaps they should look for people who have a history of penning cogent analysis pieces on the Knicks.

That's right, people...I'm officially nominating Dylan Murphy for next head coach of the Westchester Knicks! Who are the five greatest coaching prospects of all time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.