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Knicks acquire Kyle O'Quinn at 4 years, $16 million

Another strong defensive big man lands in New York. Wait...we're allowed to have more than one?

He's worth $4 million per year for his scowl alone.
He's worth $4 million per year for his scowl alone.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Even with Robin Lopez in the fold, the New York Knicks still needed to add a little bit of size and defensive gumption. With that in mind, Phil Jackson went out and made a deal for Orlando Magic big man Kyle O'Quinn:

Once I blinked my eyes 10 or 12 times to make sure that read "second-round pick" I was ecstatic. Shamrock Shake! Dr. O'Quinn, Medicine Forward!

At 6'10", the 25-year-old Flushing native is a true banger at either the center or power forward position. He was at his best in 2013-14, when he averaged 6.2 points on 50.1% shooting and 5.3 rebounds in 17.2 minutes per game. This should prove a tremendous fit for New York, as O'Quinn can either back up to Lopez or play alongside him at the 4 in ultra-big lineups. Imagine that...a big Knicks lineup that might not end up a string of poop-filled sausage links on the defensive end!

The Zen Master has done it again, my friends. Happy Fourth of July -- where today, everyone is just a little bit Irish!