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Getting to know Robin Lopez: A Q&A with Blazer's Edge

Touching base with SBNation's Dave Deckard from Blazer's Edge.

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The first in a series of poolside chats, I was able to sit down with Dave Deckard, editor of the most wonderful Blazer's Edge. Quite possibly the only community that loves Robin Lopez and hates Raymond Felton more than we do. Here's what Dave offered with regard to Robin Lopez.

Jonathan Schulman: Here at Posting and Toasting, it's always a scramble to figure out what a new recruit's "Knickname" should be. We tend to cast aside the generics. No RL-42 'round here. We also like to buck the trend, so "Rolo" (while it is chocolate,caramel croquette perfection) just won't do. In your two seasons with the big fella, what type of nicknaming entered the fray in the Blazers Edge community?

Dave Deckard: We're creative too but we never got past "Rolo" for Robin and "Brolo" for his twin. Those were pretty satisfactory. There's always Sideshow Bob or Sideshow Rob for the hair.

JS: Robin seems like a good natured guy who mostly goes after goofball mascots. It's hard to imagine that the only fire and desire he shows is on the sidelines, though. Does Robin have any major rivals? Additionally, is there anyone he consistently dominates? Or someone who routinely dominates him?

DD: He's not really that type. He's going to lunchbucket everybody. But he has trouble with super athletic guys like Dwight Howard one-on-one. He also has problems covering centers with a face-up jumper from 15 feet and out. Lopez is just not made to wander outside. He's like Antaeus, who was invincible as long as his feet were on the ground but got pwned by Hercules when lifted into the air. Within 10 feet of the bucket Lopez is great. Outside that...pfffft.

JS: What is Robin's least talked about skill? Do you see some untapped potential somewhere in there?

DD: His offensive game evolved in Portland...which is to say he learned to face up from 8-10 feet instead of being chained to the rim. He's also plenty smart. He knows how the game works, puts himself in good position, and doesn't mess up your flow. I don't think there's a ton of untapped potential there but don't discount his ability to adjust.

JS: Did you notice a pet play, or a go-to move that just always seemed to spring him free for an easy score?

DD: No score is easy with Lopez except a put-back. His go-to move is the offensive rebound. Either that or wait until everybody else gets tired of exploring their options then get 2 feet from the rim and put your hand up.

JS: Any departing words for Blazers faithful or the Knicks lifers?

DD: You're going to have tons of fun with Robin if you use him right. You'll be miserable if you ask him to do things he can't do. But either way, it's probably your fault. He is what he is and he's good at it.

There ya have it, we sat at the pool, we chatted about our new starting pivot. Make sure you say nice things to the folks over at Blazers Edge and you can follow Dave on Twitter for all the latest @DaveDeckard or @blazersedge.