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Here is the 2015 Knicks' Las Vegas Summer League roster


Pretty much what we expected. Both Knicks rookies are present, all Knicks sophomores are present (including Travis Wear, who is a free agent), and draft-n-stash bros Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Louis Labeyrie(!) will be there. The former might be playing for a real Knicks roster spot!

Some new guys of note: Ovidijus Galdikas is the "big man from Lithuania" our old friend Ger Casserly tweeted about. Alex Kirk (who we knew about) was acquired from the Cavaliers in the Iman Shumpert trade, then cut. Ben Strong is from the W-Knicks. I don't really know anything about any of the new undrafted guys, but I'm looking forward to watching them.

Also of note: Kristaps Porzingis wearing number 46! Jerian Grant in 13! I love numbers! I hope Kristaps keeps 46 for the real deal!

Oh, and Derek Fisher is coaching again, which I really like.

Knicks Summer League starts Saturday afternoon. WOOOOOOO