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Knicks youngsters go out together before Summer League

A team is born!

It's not often you get to watch a future dynasty at its most fledgling stage. With that in mind, Cleanthony Early took some time out to document the 2017-18 NBA champion New York Knicks attending what appears to be the Kevin Hart show at MSG.

What Now?.... With the boys @jeriangrant @kporzee @realrickledo1 @langgalloway10 @thanasis_ante43 ....Vegas in the Am ...Check Us!

A video posted by Cleanthony Early (@cleanthonyearly17) on

That's the core of New York's Summer League squad, chilling together the night before heading out to Las Vegas: Early, Kristaps Porzingis, Thanasis Antetokoumpo, Jerian Grant, Ricky Ledo and Langston Galloway. So many thoughts here:

  • Look at Kristaps' shirt! I know he's considered a risk and all, but when was the last time a player with such a magnificent fashion sense failed to develop into a star? Goddamn never, that's when!
  • Where's Travis Wear? I know he worked out with Galloway earlier in the summer. Is there some kind of Early/Wear beef? Is Galloway working to bridge the divide, here? What a leader!
  • Ledo and Thanasis might not make the roster, which would seem kinda sad after watching this.

Earlier in the week, Thanasis, Zinger, Galloway and Early participated in Knicks Summer Camp because they're adorable and they do adorable things:

God, I love this crew. I hope they win all the damn titles down the road, and these summer experiences wind up as the prologue to "When the Garden Was Eden 2: Electric Boogaloo."