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Can you match each 2014-15 Knick with his Phil Jackson evaluation?

Match the player with the Zen Master critique.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Big news everybody: Phil Jackson has released another slate of critiques on the New York Knicks!

Honestly, this is all getting a bit routine at this point. Charley Rosen released Part 7 of his "Phil Files" series Monday morning, and the Zen Master gives his final player evaluations for the opposed to his pre-season player evaluations, and his trade deadline evaluations. Dude loves to evaluate.

So let's have a little bit of fun, shall we? You knew the 2014-15 Knicks players, but did you know them like Phil Jackson knew them? Find out today with the Phil Jackson 2014-15 Knicks Critique Quiz. Match 15 players (and one executive) to their Zen Master evaluation.


That's because with each shot, from the field or the stripe, his feet are never in the same place from one shot to the next so his release is totally inconsistent. When he first came into the league, ____ was the worst shooter I've ever seen.


not a great socializer


has a funny release and a funny gait


His vision, of course, is just terrific.


We want guys to beat their man to the screen, to wedge themselves between the screen and their man -- something that ____ rarely, if ever, did. Instead, he kind of threw his head back and acted as though it was somebody else's responsibility to correctly handle the situation.


_____ has a good base and finishes well when he makes good decisions. However, he does need to develop some other way to finish in a crowd when he doesn't have the chance to dunk.


so top-heavy


He's a doer with a professional attitude who always came to work.


has rounded shoulders that give him a slight hunch


We've given him a program to develop his core strength and we really like him.


he can't control the ball because he has such tiny hands.


He does work hard, but like a lot of young kids, he believes that if his shots are falling then he's playing well. And like them, he'll force a few shots hoping to make them to convince himself and his coach that he's OK and shouldn't be yanked.


He can handle and has breakdown speed, but he gets nervous.


He's a quick healer


_____ was and still is a big tease.


I project ____ as playing 26-28 minutes per game, but we will have to provide him with a bit more defensive support.

Ready to check your score? Here is the answer key:

1. Lou Amundson

2. Phil Jackson

3. Lance Thomas

4. Alexey Shved

5. Tim Hardaway

6. Langston Galloway

7. Cole Aldrich

8. Quincy Acy

9. Ricky Ledo

10. Jason Smith

11. Shane Larkin

12. Cleanthony Early

13. Travis Wear

14. Carmelo Anthony

15. Andrea Bargnani

16. Jose Calderon

How did you do? Let us know in the comments.