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Knicks fans are stuck with Carmelo Anthony, per Carmelo Anthony

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Great news, everybody: Social Media Troll Carmelo Anthony is back! Per ESPN, Melo snapped at a commenter on of his his Instagram posts. This latest rant may not be on par with the legendary "glazed donut face ass" Twitter reply, but it does have a certain ring of truth to it:

In response to a fan questioning how much he cared about the game, Anthony wrote, "Shows how little you know about me. Staying in NY shows that I do care. If I would have left, what would you have said then? "Oh, Melos wack for leaving. He turned his back on NY". FOH. You are stuck with me buddy. Deal with it. If you want me gone, I'll personally walk you into the front office so you can plead your case of the Knicks trading me. Hope you have bail money bc they might have you arrested for Disturbing the Peace."

One fan wrote that Anthony "shouldn't listen to the negativity" and should "trust the process" because the Knicks are on the right path.

Anthony's response? "Best thing I've heard all day."

We've arrived at this weird place with Melo where it is assumed by many that he re-signed with New York entirely for the money, with no other mitigating factors. For perhaps the first time in history, a star player still in his prime is disliked for staying with his team. It breeds an incredible amount of distrust, as we saw when Clyde made an innocent comment about Melo probably not wanting to stick around for a rebuild, which turned into days of "Melo wants out; what can the Knicks get for him" rumors.

Look, we have no idea about Melo's true motivations for choosing to re-sign -- I assume it's some combination of money, love of the massive New York market, and some genuine desire to be a Knick. The only time we truly get a peak behind his bland, carefully crafted "digital athlete" facade is when he loses his cool and fires back on Instagram. And crazy Instagram Melo has been fairly consistent -- and quite passionate -- about his desire to remain a Knick.

That ain't exactly the worst news in the world.