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The Knicks won't play on Christmas

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-2016 Knicks schedule will officially be released tomorrow at 6 PM. There's a show and everything on NBA TV. In the meantime, someone finally reported that the Knicks will not -- for the first time in 7  years -- play basketball on Christmas. Personally, I think that's great news. I don't have to ignore my girlfriend's family on a holiday, and in general, the less we have to hear national TV people say dumb shit about the Knicks, the better.

Marc Berman also has details on the openers:

The Knicks will find out what they're missing right away when they stage their season opener Oct. 28 in Milwaukee against new Bucks center Greg Monroe, according to an NBA source.

The Knicks' home opener will be Oct. 29 against the Hawks, welcoming back former first-round pick Tim Hardaway Jr. after his Draft Night trade for the rights to rookie point guard Jerian Grant.

Brace yourselves!