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The Real Workouts of Kevin Seraphin

New York tabloids get set to body shame newest Knick.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks improved their front court depth with the addition of bruising big man Kevin Seraphin. Recently his Instagram account has been ablaze with workouts and your standard NBA ephemera in Los Angeles. Let's take a look at some of his hard work and over analyze the subtle notes of Terra Firma, Oak and Callery Pear.

First let's get a good sweat going...

Whew! Agility is good. Light on his feet, little bit of flash. Can't wait to see Seraphin lunge into a passing lane and high step his way to the other end of the floor only to get caught between a dunk from too far out and an awkward layup. I bet he converts it one way or the other.

Alright now, let's put some of that agility to the test. Eight feet and in, what you got for us big fella?

Working on my low post game #knicks #knicksnation #losangeles #nba #kslife

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Whoa-ho-ho! Nice use of the shoulder to create separation from Steven Adams' younger brother Steven. Nice high release, soft touch. Not really game speed, but we're warming up here and this is how you get better. Hard work and repetition. Alright, alright. Let's cool down for a bit with some baseline jumpers. Can't move on to the next drill until you hit your fifth. Let's see it, Kev.

Working on that jump shot #knicks #knicksnation #losangeles #nba #kslife

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

That's the ticket. The dip is pretty quick, looks loose, guide hand might turn a couple of those things sideways, but it should work. Take it if they give it to you, big fella. Ok, now, left block, show me what you got.

I need that fade away to be cash every-time that I will take it #kslife #knicks #knicksnation #losangeles #nba

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Ahh! Little turnaround action. Very interesting. Hey, Steven, put a little life into it, would ya!? Hey! Somebody get this freaking guy outta here we're going to the paint, with the big boys, where you have to finish through contact. Let's go!

Working on that deadly hook shot (right/left) #kslife #knicksnation #losangeles #nba #knicks #

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Ah yes, the righty hook. This is Seraphin's bread and butter. I like what I see, and we should expect to see quite a bit of this little dumper and the occasional dinker. Yeah, speaking of which, let's see a dinker. Get Steven back. Come on back young fella, we're going to work, and we're back on the right block. Get your weight up, son!

The Foot work is everything #kslife #nba #knicks #knicksnation #footwork

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Lastly we have Kevin at Carmelo Anthony's Terminal 23 gym, with the ever-spongey Steve Mills and Mac from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There's also a cool double-up in this quadrangle with Kevin getting his haircut tightened up by the dwarfed vision of a Tim Duncan-Manu Ginobili love child named Reg. Note the extremely cryptic "Last 48 hours" comment. Hope this turns out ok!

My last 48hours in ny #Klutch #Knicks #offseason #nyc #offseason #basketball #nba #kslife

A photo posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

So that's it, good stuff from the young big. That should do it, from us here at Posting and Toasting. Unless, Kristaps, is there anything you'd like to add?

Very interesting, my friend.