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Carmelo Anthony hosts teammates, butchers pigs in Puerto Rico

Training camp, golf, Melo.

Would you like to be Carmelo Anthony's teammate? It's a complicated proposition -- on one hand, he takes many shots; on the other hand, he takes you to Puerto Rico.

Melo got in a little pre-camp training with Kristaps Porzingis, Jerian Grant, Kevin Seraphin, Cleanthony Early, Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson before his annual "A Very Melo Weekend" charity event.

Clearly Melo wanted to build relationships with some of the younger Knicks...and Sweet Lou tagged along. The poor guy has played for so many NBA clubs, he probably doesn't even have an apartment yet; he just sleeps on a bench in Penn Station with the rest of the vagrants. The other Knicks were taking the train over to Newark Airport, and they couldn't just leave a teammate lying there, wrapped up in old newspapers. Now that's camaraderie!

Once training was over, Melo got down to the business at hand: teaming up with Rums of Puerto Rico to raise money and build basketball courts for the poor in the swankiest way possible:

Here's a clip of his charity golf tournament (warning: even the briefest glimpse of this video will turn you into a baller).

From now on I'm using the following .gif whenever Melo is cooking on the court: