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Phil Jackson breaks down the Knicks' free agent class

The Phil Files concludes!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We did it, folks! We made it to the end of "The Phil Files."

Charley Rosen's ESPN series ends with a bang, as Knicks president Phil Jackson provides some insight on the free agent he signed this summer.

Let's dive right in with The Zen Master's most controversial signing.

Derrick Williams:

"A lot of people have questioned our signing Derrick, but I think he has a considerable upside. He runs, finishes in early-offense situations and has the strength to finish in a crowd when he attacks the rim from the wing. He's working on his 3-point shooting and his intermediate game. I also think he can play power forward against certain opponents.

"I mean, there's no doubt that Derrick has the talent, size and strength to be a more-than-capable NBA player. ... He just has to learn how to play the game the right way. That means developing a defensive mindset, developing an intermediate game and improving his long-range shooting.


"Anyway, Derrick is a player who will hopefully find his way back into a starter's role."

Phil kind of ends with a bombshell here:a starter's role? Like, for the Knicks? The New York Knicks? Not sure I see that happening.

Other than that, however, it's your garden-variety Derrick Williams scouting report: needs to work on defense and shooting.

Arron Afflalo:

"He has the capability of playing aggressive defense on big guards and small forwards, plus he's a shot-maker. In addition to his 3-point range, Arron can be very effective scoring in the low post and at the pinch post."

It's nice to hear him preach Afflalo's defensive versatility, since he probably should play quite a few minutes at small forward. Also, Phil reiterates that Afflalo wanted the Knicks, and the Knicks wanted him. Everyone's a winner!

Sasha Vujacic:

"Except for a 10-day contract with the Clippers in 2014, Sasha hasn't played in the NBA for four years, but at age 31 he still has plenty of game. He's a classic streak-shooter who, when he's zeroed in, can totally change a game in three minutes. He'll be a significant force for us coming off the bench.

"Sasha is also quick, long and angular, which makes him a feisty defender who can chase, and stick to guys like Kyle Korver who are always on the move.

This dude sounds awesome!

Robin Lopez:

"He's become a solid player with a great desire and ability to both rebound and play defense. He's good in defending against screen-rolls, because he can stay in front of most guards as they go over the screen and can delay them until the guard's defender can catch up. Coupled with the proper rotations behind him to cover the rolling screener, this is a proficient way high screen-rolls can be handled.

"Also, Robin can hold his spot in the pivot and score with either a right-handed hook or a turn-around jumper, and also make intelligent passes. These qualities are absolutely necessary for the triangle to be properly executed. As a bonus, Robin also has 15-foot range on his jumper."

It will be interesting to see how Lopez operates in the Triangle, where much of the offense flows through the post. The real cause for excitement here, however, is all this talk of screen-roll defense. The Knicks loved to ignore the league's most heavily used (and effective) play in the past. At least they should be able to defend it better this year with Lopez anchoring the back line.

Kyle O'Quinn:

"He's a strong guy and a solid NBA player who can set sturdy screens, can pass the ball and has 16-to-18-foot shooting range. While Kyle isn't really a shot-blocker, he plays good position as well as good help defense. I also like his on-court poise. With us, he has a chance to play power forward and/or back up Robin at center."

Kevin Seraphin:

"He's a power guy in the low post who can bang his way toward the basket where he can score with an accurate jump hook or a turn-around jumper. Kevin's a relentless offensive rebounder and is serviceable on the defensive glass."

The Knicks will have five guys capable of playing minutes at center, if you include Kristaps Porzingis and Lou Amundson. Phil identifies O'Quinn as a guy who can play some power forward, which he did in Orlando. I worry about where the offense is going to come from if he and Lopez play big minutes together, but Big Kyle might just surprise us all. I'm happy he's a Knick.