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Knicks sign Kevin Seraphin to 1-year, $2.8 million deal

The former Wizard is coming to New York

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

For weeks now Knicks fans have been waiting with bated breath for the front office to use their room exception on one final free agent. Well that time has come, my friends, and the free agent is...

*drum roll*

Kevin Seraphin, come on down!

The soon-to-be-26-year-old Seraphin is an acceptably below-average PF/C, ideally suited for the fourth big man role in the Knicks' rotation. For what it's worth, SB Nation writer and hardcore Wizards fan Mike Prada seems a tad distraught over losing Seraphin, if you care to drink in his tears:

Hey, you know which team is suddenly not short in any of those three attributes? The New York Knicks!

This signing means the Knicks will have 14 players under guaranteed contract, pending the exact details of the Sasha Vujacic deal and assuming Langston Galloway's contract gets guaranteed.

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this deal. I've already stated the Knicks' need for guard depth. Sure, they added Vujacic, a.k.a. THE MACHINE (my new favorite non-Kristaps Knick, by the way), but they still appeared to be a tad more shallow on that end.

It should be noted that Seraphin played mostly center his past four seasons with the Wizards. Will he slot in behind Robin Lopez and Kyle O'Quinn in New York's center rotation? With five guys on the roster capable of playing center (including Kristaps Porzingis and Lou Amundson), will New York use more of the big lineups that have failed so spectacularly for them in recent years? The Knicks will be much more athletic than in 2015-16, so it could very well long as they don't expect Carmelo Anthony to guard the perimeter.

So what do y'all think of this signing?