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Kristaps Porzingis will wear number 6, long live 46

Frame all those Summer League jerseys you bought.

I really hoped Kristaps Porzingis would keep his number 46 jersey, which he'd selected in Las Vegas out of deference to the still-kinda-around Travis Wear, but alas, he'll revert to his Sevilla number for the real thing. Here he is at the Rookie Photo Shoot today:

Porzingis got back to New York just a day or two ago, and immediately got to work (at Terminal 23, I assume) with Carmelo Anthony, where it sounds like several Knicks have been making morningly visits. Here's Kristaps getting GHOST BUCKETS from behind a photography backdrop:

... and here's Kristaps -- and Jerian Grant! -- posing for the annual Photo That's Gonna Be Really Funny To Look At In A Few Years.

This seems dangerous.

I'll add more from the shoot if there's more from the shoot!