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Watch Carmelo Anthony tour Cuba for a new Vice series

Carmelo Anthony takes Vice Sports with him to Cuba for a short video series.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony recently traveled to Cuba and had Vice Sports chronicle his times in a new series of shorts. I know what you're thinking: how dare Carmelo bring his digi-athletic, high technological volts and flashy New York millinery to the calming pastels of Cuba. Problem is, Melo actually seems more at ease in this crowd than he does in front of the cameras and their piercing lights. Hopefully in these videos we'll see a lot more of the mellow Melo.

A lot of times, Carmelo says things that can seem jarring for how plain they come out on the page. It's exciting to actually hear Melo just speak in casual terms. Dropping a curse word, instead of a drab run-on sentence, like any normal person might. Are you suddenly getting rained on between going out for lunch and coming back for work? Do you get to the lobby, turn to the camera, focus and iterate that "At the end of the day, water makes you wet, and we'll dry off when we get inside. For now we got a little wet and we're trying to make a canopy." You better not! You say, "Shit, it's raining" and you get on with your day. I guess thats part of what makes your job different from his.

My favorite part of the video is when the crew goes to a tiny cigar factory. Maybe it was a giant humidor, actually. Big fan of whoever crowed like a rooster. Also love how Melo stresses the first syllable (SIG-ar) when he says it. He is genuinely excited to be there and to roll his first cigar. He seems to love people and walking around among them. He's an inquisitive guy, if a bit quiet. It's a shame that he gets portrayed as a fat dullard when the media and fans aren't getting what they want from him. In a game of chance and numbers, no less.

All in all, this is a really wonderful look at what Carmelo has been up to and how he really is when he isn't coming off a tough loss or ready to risk it all... for a New York All Star Game appearance. Take a look, maybe you're more interested in the barber shop part. Really excited for the next installments. If Melo is indeed a fat dullard, I desperately hope there is at least one episode dedicated to Cuban food! Oh man, I would bookmark that one. Excellent work from Vice Sports and the digital athlete.