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The P&T Knicks-centric guide to the NFL season

There are no Knicks in football...but there should be.

ODB went to a Knicks game last season; I hope they didn't infect him with Knicks disease.
ODB went to a Knicks game last season; I hope they didn't infect him with Knicks disease.
Elsa/Getty Images

Basketball is superior to football.

This isn't an opinion. It's a fact...proven by science! Still, the NFL remains the all-consuming leviathan which shall consume our Sundays from now until February; we might as well try to enjoy it.

The Jets kick off their regular season at 1:00 pm against the Cleveland Browns, while the Giants wait until 8:30 for their prime-time matchup with the Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps you root for a different NFL squad. We won't judge you here...the only team that matters is the New York Knicks. And so, while you sit back and enjoy NFL Week 1, here are some Knicks-related football thoughts. Feel free to discuss in the comments section:

The Jets have a longer title drought than the Knicks

Impossible, but true!

Imagine Kristaps Porzingis as a wide receiver

Height isn't exactly a prerequisite for success at the wideout position (*cough* Odell Beckham *cough*), but it certainly helps. Quarterbacks love a big target. So how about this guy?

That's Kristaps Porzingis standing next to an NBA center...traditionally the tallest dudes in all of sports. And Kevin Seraphin barely reaches Krispy's chin. Let's see Eli Manning try and overthrow that.

Cowboys running back Calvin Hill begat Grant Hill, who begat "The Grant Hill Maneuver"

If not for this NFL dude, what would we call the phenomenon whereby a sought-after basketball player uses the Knicks as leverage in negotiating a free agent deal with another team?

Finally, and most importantly...

NBA basketball is coming, y'all.