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Charania: Knicks invite forward DaJuan Summers to camp

Real basketball information!

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Are you sitting down? I'll wait.


Good, because I have actual news involving the New York Knicks! Per Yahoo's Shams Charania:

Precious roster updates! Oh, it's been so long. Who was the last player the Knicks signed? It was Sprewell, right?

DaJuan Summers is a 27-year-old forward and descendant of that long and noble line of NBA DaJuans (and occasionally DeJuans). He played his college ball at Georgetown. He bounced around the league for parts of four seasons after being drafted in the second round by the Pistons, and hasn't seen the NBA hardwood since 2012-13.

The Knicks are really, really loaded at both forward positions, and they'll have a younger, more intriguing partially-guaranteed forward in Darion Atkins fighting for the precious few preseason minutes which remain. I doubt Summers even sees the court in the exhibition season before accepting a D-League offer or heading overseas.

Still, I salute you, DaJuan Summers. You're chasing a dream, and you provided us with (somewhat) legitimate Knicks news for the first time in weeks. Huzzah!