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Five Knicks rank in the ESPN's "bottom 100"

11 members of the 2014-15 are here, naturally.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There are quite a few new dudes on the roster of the 2015-16 New York Knicks...and you will find none of them on ESPN's NBArank's #301-400 list. What you will find, however, is six of the seven returnees from last season's club. Something tells me we won't see that seventh dude until the Top 20 or so.

Let's see where those returning Knickerbockers rank, shall we? (Note: RPM stands for Real Plus-Minus)

398. Lance Thomas

Last year's rank: 456

2015-16 projected RPM: -4.20

364. Lou Amundson

Last year's rank: 390

2015-16 projected RPM: -1.61

321. Jose Calderon

Last year's rank: 124

015-16 projected RPM: -3.67

318. Cleanthony Early

Last year's rank: 322

2015-16 projected RPM: -4.37

317. Langston Galloway

Last year's rank: N/A

2015-16 projected RPM: -0.71

In former Knicks news, six other members of the 2014-15 club are on the list, including P&T's eternal muse, Pablo Prigioni (329th). Putting a numerical value on Pablo is fascist and gross in my opinion; it's like ranking sunsets.

The order here makes sense, with the obvious exception of Cleanthony Early, who hasn't necessarily done anything as of yet to put himself above the likes of Calderon.

Our boys Sweet Lou and Sweet Lance are right where they should be, and if everything works out they won't be seeing much playing time. Of course, we know all too well just how often everything works out for this team. They proved themselves to be solid emergency players, and I'm glad they're on the bench.

The real drama here is the potential starting point guard battle between Calderon and Galloway. Knowing the Knicks, the ham-loving Spaniard is likely to start on Opening Night, but ESPN gives Galloway the edge here. As would I. Yet a third contender, rookie Jerian Grant, is likely to wind up higher on this list.

Wow, just think of all the 2015-16 Knicks who will be ranked among the 300 best players in the NBA. What a glorious time to be alive!