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Choose Your Own Adventure: You and Hubie Brown bring Kristaps Porzingis' season to a close

The last part of the series will bring the Kristaps and the Knicks to the end of the season. Let's check in with Hubie to get a look at what's next on the horizon.

Ok, here it comes now. Last time down, the community decided to keep the roster intact, ok? And bring Kristaps Porzingis' minutes up! What ya like to see here is that the young man has responded to the pressure, and it shows in the numbers. Over the final five games, he's averaged 19 points, and just a shade under 8 rebounds per game. Including 9 out of his last 10 three point goals. Ok, staggering. The form right now on the shot is just so beautiful these last few games. I mean it's been a pleasure to watch.

So this is what we're talking about. Porzingis is getting better game by game by game. Now! He's had a couple of sloppy outings and was struggling to consistently find the cutter with a diagonal pass. But ya like to see he's finishing defensive possessions and he's getting out on the fast break lane. And we know that Porzingis at 7'3" runs hard and he sends it down with authority or gets to the line, where of course he shoots a high percentage.

And I like what the Knicks do here, by using Carmelo Anthony as a hub, ok, he's getting over 20 shot attempts a game. Alright, but the Knicks have so much movement on the offense, they really wear ya out, and they're one of the top teams in the league in assists. Ok, and any time the double teamer comes from the pivot, Anthony is finding the cutter and they attack the trap-- not with the first pass, but with the second pass-- to find the open man. And we know that anytime Porzingis gets the ball down in there on the block, he'll get off a pretty good look at the basket, and can finish even at a tough angle.

Unfortunately, alright, for New York they failed to make the playoffs. They struggled in the beginning of the year, and were playing catch up ball the rest of the way. They were 2 games behind the 8th spot, Indiana. And the killer was two losses to the Pacers in the final five games of the regular season. But I'll tell ya, the Knicks took a big step forward and Porzingis had an outstanding rookie season. He's gotten his average up to 12 points a game, with 5 rebounds and just under 2 assists with a blocked shot. Ok he's making a major contribution and the sky is really the limit here.