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Knicks management spoke some words; let's freak out now

Phil, Fish and Mills held court.

Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher took to the stage Friday morning for their annual pre-Media Day media session Isn't the 21st century a wonderful time to be alive?

Let's get down to the most important news of the day: Derek Fisher's facial hair grooming habits:

And did that offseason work pay off?

My God, yes! That's a playoff-contending beard right there.

As for the Zen Master, he apparently learned from last year's cardinal sin:

That's technically the right answer, but screw it, I was kind of hoping he'd go with "I fully expect us to make the Conference Finals this year." Seriously, the whole "Phil's an idiot cuz he said they could make the playoffs and they didn't" thing was hands-down the stupidest take of 2014-15.

As for this season's freshest non-controversy, get ready for some fiery misinterpretations of these statements:

More involved? Film sessions? At Fisher's request? What does it all mean? Is Phil going to take over as coach for the man he hired because he is physically unable to coach? Was all that autonomy he gave Fisher in calling plays and moving away from the Triangle just a smokescreen, distracting the general public just long enough for him to download his consciousness into a robot body?

As for Carmelo Anthony, it sounds like he is ready for camp, with one caveat:

Don't push him hard, my dudes.

Kristaps Porzingis warranted a few mentions, of course:

Do your thing, Mr. Porzingis. Do your thing.

Knicks training camp starts next week. I can't wait to see photos of Fisher's beard and clips of Porzingis running sprints. Also basketball, I guess.