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Kristaps Porzingis dominates his first Media Day

Carmelo's little brother got a chance to speak with the press.

Nice mug!
Nice mug!
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Kristaps Porzingis shot lights-out at his first Knicks media day event. Saddle up, team, 'cuz we're going to training camp! Wahoo!

Very impressed that he signs his name as "Pony". I'm gonna change my signature to "Wombats" from here on out.

Killing them with kindness -- smart choice for a rookie. But is he wise beyond his years or just wet behind the ears? Let's hope he can stick to that Walter Hudson diet, and absorb just enough heft then slide comfortably into an NBA version of Chopper Read. A crack shot that's scared of nothing. And if he really takes it to the extreme, he can get rid of his ears, and thusly never be wet behind them, that'd be good for a giggle. Hop to, ya little bugger!

That's cool. Just like regular old make it/take it to seven or something?

Oh wow! Professional one-on-one is way cooler than the complete garbage I've hated playing for years. I'd like to think this is life altering news, but Porzingis is nearly a foot taller than Melo. Not to mention Carmelito ain't exactly the most rugged defender. But it's still pretty damn cool. Conversely, I wouldn't be worried about Carmelo scoring on Kristaps because he is a machine and he scores on everyone. He's not the machine, of course. Sasha Vujacic is The Machine and he had some nice things to say about young Kris.

Kevin Seraphin also thinks highly of Kristaps. Every diode of chemistry they can create together will go a long way. So it's nice to see that they already seem to enjoy one another.

Big brother Anthony said some mildly strange and conflciting things. So let's not worry about that, because there's a proportion that the tabloids can blow out their ass, as far as I'm concerned. What did Kristaps have to say for himself!?

We have dreams too, Kristaps! Consider our dreams, you selfish brat! I mean -- I guess his dreams and our dreams are pretty much the same when you think about it. Just keep working, young fella. Become someone that wears many hats!

Cool. Let's train.