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Day one of training camp complete, Knicks undefeated

This is how you build a championship pedigree.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Whats happening, townsfolk? Didn't feverishly pay attention to every iota of the first day of training camp? Too busy playing NBA2K in your mother's lap (hot new turn of phrase for "couch")? No sweat, I got all you need right here. Just pause the game, and read words on a screen.

I know what you want. You want to know what it felt like for the Knicks themselves to be at West Point. You also want Derek Fisher to describe the same concept with a vague, yet respectful notion of what's swirling around everyone's head and hearts. You also want a strange static noise to hang over the top of the audio. And you want Sasha Vujacic to come to the rescue.

Heck yea! The West Point logo is a sword going through a helmet! The severity of this logo is about as extreme as the nightmarish intentions the Knicks will bring to the court from a mentaity standpoint. At the end of the day, we don't want to have any expectations, however. Just gotta pull ourselves up by the bootstraps at the beginning of the day, I suppose. Speaking of pulling up, check out this article by Scott Cacciola:

As has been mentioned in previous threads, Porzingis has some real hearty meat on his legs. Plenty of bukstiņbiezputra between practices and games. Just keep working on that upper bod, dude. 'Cus seriously, this kid is head and shoulders above some of the tallest people on the earth!

Anyway, Carmelo Anthony went through the full day of practice and appears to be dealing with a severe bout of purity according to this video.

That's a "corner three" but the Knicks have largely been focusing on the defensive side of the ball. Derek Fisher seems inclined to allow the team to improvise a little more freely this year. Pushing off of misses and searching for early offense could work small wonders. In Fisher's first season the Knicks rarely got out of second gear and stalled out in the Triangle frequently as a result. So it will be interesting to see what the Knicks will do on the defensive end, because we're not going to be told what to look for.

28th overall team defense. 28th overall team defense.

A team that's drawn together, spawns together. A team that eats candy together, is bandied together. Spread your wings and fly, chickadees.

No, Alan. No one has.