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Carmelo Anthony's Vice Sports video series returns in Puerto Rico for a tour and mini-camp

We've hopped over to Puerto Rico for this edition!

The digital athlete is back in full effect. This time Carmelo Anthony is in Puerto Rico with a man who won't be leaving any fingerprints around. He also had a variety of his Knick teammates in town. I see you Humpty. Anyway, I really like this series. I wish they were more like 25 minute shorts., but it's hard to argue with the level of access being granted here. It's a refreshing take on a young man that is completely grounded in who he is.

This is such a satisfying look at Puerto Rico and some of Melo's investments both business and personal. He really is a genuine guy, and it's very refreshing. This is the first time you see his persona publicized without some lame historical bias in mind, and he made a wonderful choice of medium. But he's missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

First thing he says is that he sent out an email blast to his new teammates. Always the multi-tasker, he invited them out to train with him in August. This really tickled my entrepreneurial bone. So, Melo, I know you're in there! Listen up! You should start an email service called "Mail Scrimp". Basically you just sit at a table or outside a locker and speak directly into your phone and say whatever's on your mind. From there the Mail Scrimp™ app will remove a portion of the context. That way the intended reader(s) can either misconstrue your message or blow it completely out of proportion as they deem fit. That idea is free of charge. The next 82 free ideas will cost you! Mail. Schrempf?

Think about it. Enjoy the show, folks.