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Eurobasket open thread: Spain (Willy Hernangomez) vs. Serbia

11:50 a.m. = Willy time.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

It's Labor Day weekend, it's Saturday, and we all know what that means: European men playing basketball!

The highly prestigious and classy Eurobasket tournament kicks off this weekend, and Saturday's Spain-Serbia matchup (11:50 a.m. on ESPN3) is a golden opportunity to check out Knicks prospect Willy Hernangomez face some strong competition.

It's Hernangomez vs. Bogdan Bogdanovic! Knicks vs. Nets, only this time there are people somewhere on Earth who might actually care about the outcome! I got the wrong Bogdanovic. Shows you what I know about the Nets. Still, it's Willy vs. a Bogdanovic!

Join us for basketball chatter, won't you?