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Daily News report: Tina Cervasio will no longer be Knicks sideline reporter

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Well, this is a stinky rumor to wake up to, via the Daily News' Bob Raissman:

Here's another one: NBA moles say MSG Network suits are dumping the reliable and likable Tina Cervasio, who has been the network's Knicks courtside reporter since 2008.

Cervasio will be replaced by Rebecca Haarlow, who has worked for Fox Sports Net, the NFL Network, and Big Ten Network.

If Tina Cervasio is leaving MSG and the Knicks because she's moved on to something bigger and better, then bless her, but man ... if they're just firing her out of the blue like Raissman makes it sound, that would be upsetting. Cervasio has been on MSG -- in the studio some, but mostly on the sideline -- for almost a decade now, and she's distinguished herself as *the* best in her business over that time. Tina's got a fantastic rapport with Knicks players and staff (recall her assistant coach interviews every halftime), and she knows how to extract valuable answers from subjects despite her employers' notorious control over Message. Unless the previous sentence was somehow an issue, it's hard to imagine a reason why MSG wouldn't want her around anymore. I suppose it could just be a contract thing.

For what it's worth, Rebecca Haarlow is also very great. Blazers fans remember her fondly from her days as sideline reporter in Portland, and she's done a fine job in NFL broadcasts since then.

Anyway, just a rumor for now. I hope it's categorically untrue -- or at least that Cervasio is leaving because she found something better, not because the network let her go. I emailed her agent in hopes of some clarification and will update if I hear anything back.