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The Knicks are going back to West Point for training camp on Sep. 29

Be all that you can be, Knicks!

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Before the New York Knicks can take the court and lay waste to the basketball world, they must first go through training camp. Media Day will take place at the team's training center in Greenburgh on Monday, Sep. 28. From there, Phil Jackson's boys will be heading up to West Point for the second year in a row, from Sep. 29 to Oct. 3.

Have you ever been to West Point in the fall? I went to see an Army football game there when I was eight, and the place is freakin' gorgeous. Forget all the "military discipline = basketball discipline" stuff; I bet Phil chose the spot simply for the foliage. Crafty old dog.

The Knicks will return to MSG for their first preseason game on Oct. 7. Hopefully they'll know all the plays and whatnot.

Let's give Kristaps Porzingis the final word:

Right on, my man. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said.