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Bulls 108, Knicks 91: Scenes from a game New York neglected to start and finish

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, well. When the Bulls played poorly, the Knicks beat them. They played very well tonight, and the Knicks did not beat them, falling way behind very early, then again very late. A combination of sloppy Knicks defense, streaky Knicks shooting, and some wild lineup swings sunk New York. Derek Fisher sent out lineups that went on double-digit runs, and he took some risks (like vacillating between very big and very small, limiting Robin Lopez, and playing Kevin Seraphin 9 non-garbage minutes) that definitely did not pay off. The Knicks climbed up one slope and tumbled down the other as Chicago went small and drowned the Knicks in buckets.

A few things to look at:

If you don't wanna know about the game and just wanna look at something nice, here's this.

And then there was the rest of the game, which featured a lot of this kinda stuff for the Knicks:

Arron Afflalo's attempts from every spot on the floor were basically all like that in nature.

And then there was a lot of stuff like this for the Bulls:

Rolls, man. Lotta rolls. And then in the fourth quarter, it wasn't rolls. It was EIGHT Knicks points, compared to 31 points' worth of this shit for Chicago:

That's not the Bulls I know! Not cool!

Bad game. Didn't like the rotation, didn't like the results. On to the next one!