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As his three-point percentage plummets, Langston Galloway is taking it to the rim

The turnaround in his shooting numbers is insane.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Knicks failed to complete their miraculous comeback in San Antonio, we shouldn't forget the inspired play that brought them to the brink of victory. Perhaps nobody contributed to the late-game turnaround as much Langston Galloway, who raced past the Spurs for a pair of coast-to-coast transition layups.

The first one came with the Knicks down 10 and on the verge of calling it a night.

The second layup was even more impressive, with Lang Starr racing past four -- count 'em, four -- Spurs en route to an and-1 bucket which pulled New York within five.

Rarely have I seen young Galloway so aggressive in driving to the cup. He converted three layups on four attempts, and the one miss led to Kristaps Porzingis getting fouled on the rebound attempt.

We can certainly hope this aggressiveness at the rim is the beginning of a trend for the guard. We've already seen a complete reversal from the beginning of the season, when Galloway was one of the league's best three-point shooters, but couldn't hit a two-pointer to save his life.

First 25 games 37.0 32.7 42.9 46.1 7.2 8.1
Last 13 games 47.4 55.8 29.2 52 5.8 6.8

That drop in three-point percentage has been very noticeable, but at least Galloway has compensated by picking up his efficiency from inside the arc. He has converted nearly as many buckets in the restricted area over his last 13 games (18-24, 66.7%) as he did in the first 25 (18-44, 40.9%).

In conclusion ... um, Galloway's shooting this season has be pretty damn weird. Here's hoping the aggressive Langston we saw in San Antonio and the sniper Langston we saw over the first three weeks come together soon to form LANGSTRON, defender of the universe.