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Knicks 100, Bucks 88: Scenes from another sparkling night for Melo and friends

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

They stayed sharp! The Knicks opened the first and fourth quarters with some junk, but everything else they did against the Bucks Sunday night looked as lovely as the previous 4 games. They defended on a string, they ran the floor on a string, they passed on a string ... they did on everything on a string. They peed and pooped on a string. Terrible way to treat the string.

Every Knick worked. Carmelo Anthony provided a quintessential 2016 performance, peppering his distribution and defense with delicious buckets. Jose Calderon played really smart defense on Michael Carter-Williams and got after tons of loose balls. Robin Lopez gave Greg Monroe his buckets but did fine work on both backboards. Kristaps Porzingis had me gurgling like a happy baby for most of the second half. Lance Thomas and Derrick Williams made sure the bench didn't suffer. Let's just look at some stuff, I don't wanna talk anymore.

Melo created so much. He looked terrific shooting and creating for himself when he had a defender on his heels:

And, as has been the case, Melo was just as eager to get his friends on the board:

2 assists short of a trouble. That man is in an all-court groove like I've never seen.

I couldn't fit this all in one Vine, but Jose Calderon -- as part of a really terrific night -- orchestrated this whole alley-oop from the outset of the play. He swung the ball to give Derrick Williams time to position himself, then called it back to make the play:

So many crafty little plays, so many instances of smart footwork and sneaky hands on defense. Nice bounce-back game for Jose.

And uhhhhhh here's a whole mess o' Kristaps:

Follow @vineydelnegro. Follow Kristaps. Good job, Knicks.