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The Knicks bench celebrates: A comprehensive breakdown

So much going on here.

The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden can get a little raucous when the Knicks are playing well. Kristaps Porzingis appreciates this, as he tweeted out a photo of some random, anonymous fans celebrating along with the team:

Wow. There's certainly a lot to cover here. Let's break it down, shall we?

- As Kristaps noted, Kevin Seraphin hit "the dab," a dance craze popularized by Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid:

- Jerian Grant is pointing skyward -- perhaps a flock of pigeons have made their way into the arena? Sasha Vujacic is holding him because Europeans are a very warm, physical people.

- Robin Lopez, ever the cultured Stanford Man, is sporting and understated, bemused look, as if he were watching some uncouth Berkeley commoner eating salad with a shrimp fork.

- Derrick Williams, seated on the floor with a wrap on his knee, is have a stroke and an orgasm simultaneously ... a strokegasm, if you will.

- A man is crouched next to Derrick Williams, shouting, "Dude, what's wrong with your face?"

- Some jag-off in black sweatpants is trying hold back to Seraphin and Vujacic. Oh, wait ... that's Lou Amundson? Dude, grow back your man-bun already!

Will D-Will recover from his strokegasm in time to play in Tuesday's game against Boston? Will Seraphin ever realize the dab is played out? We'll stay with this story as it develops.