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Watch Kristaps Porzingis drop 16 first-quarter points on the Celtics

Three 6 Latvia.

Elsa/Getty Images

Is there anything better than watching Kristaps Porzingis -- a.k.a. the Hero of Liepaja -- going off for 16 points in the first quarter? Of course there is ... how about watching him do it against the butt-nasty Boston Celtics?

Let's all enjoy the majesty of Kristaps together.

(Credit @vineydelnegro for the first video. Give Seth absolutely no credit whatsoever for the second Vine)

Captain Latvia ended the half with a nice, tidy 20 points to go along with five rebounds. He went glass, he bombed threes, he dunked, he did it all.

Thanks for dropping by Kristapsville, Celtics. Hope to see you again in the second half!