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Let's learn about mysterious D-League prospect Baron Davis

Is he a good fit for the Knicks? Is this whole article a work of satire? YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

P&T is still scouring the planet in hopes of finding a useful guard for their open 15th roster spot. We've already covered Elliot Williams (signed with Memphis), Tony WrotenSean Kilpatrick (signed with Denver), Erick Green and Toure' Murry. But the search must go on!

Every once in a while, a promising youngster slips through the cracks. Those are just the kind of kids the Knicks should be looking for to fill that 15th roster spot. It came to my attention that a once-promising guard -- neglected by the NBA for some unknown reason -- is about to join up with the D-League. Per Yahoo Sports' Marc J. Spears:

Baron Davis is expected to sign a contract with the NBA's Development League by Wednesday, his agent Todd Ramasar told Yahoo Sports.


"He is looking forward to playing in the D-League and showing teams what he is capable of," Ramasar told Yahoo Sports. "He feels that the timing is right. More than anything Baron has put in the training and is confident in his body. He feels he is ready to return to the NBA."

One thing's certain: Davis already signed with an agent, which means he's lost his college eligibility. Here's a clip of Davis in action at UCLA:

Man, I didn't realize how bad the video quality was on these college broadcasts. The Pac 12 Network really needs to get its shit together!

Apparently Davis was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. Hmm ... he must have been drafted in the last two years, since that franchise was known as the Bobcats until the summer of 2014. I don't recall seeing him in an NBA game, but it's not easy to keep up with all these kids flitting about the league on 10-day contracts.

Here is Davis last summer, playing Drew League ball with young up-and-comers like Stanley Johnson and Zach LaVine:

This is a prospect with some pretty clear strengths and weaknesses. His handle and court vision are sublime. The biggest problem I see is his conditioning -- if the dude is this doughy now, what is he going to look like when he's 29 or 30?

In the end, I don't think Baron Davis would be a good fit for the Knicks. They're in contention for a playoff spot this season, so they could really use a guard with real NBA experience ... someone like Tony Wroten or Toure' Murry.