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Carmelo Anthony is questionable for Saturday, and so is Kristaps Porzingis

Stop happening, you lousy injuries!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey friends, were you worried that the Knicks have been a little too healthy this season? Well you were right to worry!

The Knicks are back! Go New York, go New York, go!

The good news is that Jerian Grant had an excellent reason for skipping practice: He had a baby! The bad news is everything else.

Carmelo Anthony, of course, sprained his ankle during Tuesday's win against the Celtics. He sat out Wednesday's loss to Brooklyn, and was limited in practice.

The Kristaps Porzingis injury is new. Captain Latvia naturally expects to play Saturday, as he is a super hero:

In his homeland they call sitting in the cold tub a "Latvian bubble bath." The previous statement may not be true.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if the injury had affected Kristaps' ability to be awesome as hell:

Sooooooooo it appears the Knicks have several question marks heading into Saturday's game ... and that doesn't even include the question of how many extra security guys they should hire to keep an eye on Matt Barnes. Zing! I'm only laughing to hide the pain. Please be well, Melo and Kristaps.