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Grizzlies 103: Knicks 95: Scenes from another game the Melo-less Knicks couldn't finish

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks kept pace with Memphis for a while, even while Marc Gasol was shredding every defender he faced. But then New York stopped finding good shots in the fourth quarter (Arron Afflalo couldn't beat Tony Allen, Kristaps Porzingis couldn't get the ball in comfortable spots) and they fell apart. Ball got pretty sticky. Bad rebounding didn't help.

Kyle O'Quinn's flagrant foul on Marc Gasol epitomized New York's inability to handle his fakes, and started the game spiraling:

The Knicks need Carmelo Anthony back, and they also need to wake up a little bit. We knew this funk would set in eventually, and now they've gotta shake out of it. I think they will!

In the meantime, here's some Kristaps:

On to the next one.