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Kristaps Porzingis saved the Knicks from being mocked on The Simpsons

This franchise is less of a joke ... literally!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

If you happened to be watching the FOX Network on a Sunday night during the past few decades, you may have noticed a little show called The Simpsons. The animated series has lampooned its share of venerable institutions over the years -- labor unions, Hank Scorpio's Globex Corporation, helper monkeys, the monorail syndicate -- and on Sunday it was the Philadelphia 76ers' turn:

Apu: "One tube of sunblock. That will be $30.

Bald Man: "Once again, keeping the bald man down."

Apu: "I do have a Philadelphia 76ers hat that you could wear for free."

Bald Man: "I'll pay! I'll pay!"

Ya burnt, Philly!

Now, you may be thinking that this kind of joke -- mocking an NBA franchise's incompetence to a very general audience -- is usually reserved for our very own New York Knicks. And you'd be right ... except these aren't the same old Knicks.

Michael Price, who wrote the episode, discussed a crucial last-minute change to the script while live-tweeting the episode from the Critic's Choice Awards.

Not only is Kristaps Porzingis changing the Latvian rap game, he's forcing TV writer (and animators) to alter their traditional "the Knicks are embarrassing" jokes! WorldStar, indeed.