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Carmelo Anthony will play Monday vs. the 76ers

OPINION: Getting back their best player should help the Knicks.

The New York Knicks have struggled of late with the winning of basketball games, and it may (definitely) have something to do with the absence of one Carmelo Anthony. Well I've got good news, dudes and dudettes: Melo's back!

The star forward missed the previous two contests -- both New York losses -- after spraining his right ankle by inadvertently stepping on a referee during the first half of a game against the Celtics. His teammates held off Boston that night in a stirring win, but failed mightily to close out the fourth quarter in Brooklyn and Memphis.

Melo had been playing some of the best basketball of his career prior to the injury, so let's hope he picks up right where he left off.

Oh, and Kevin Seraphin won't play after suffering a rib bruise in Saturday's loss to the Grizzlies. He had pretty much fallen out of the rotation anyway, so the Knicks should be able to survive.

Melo back!