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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks pick up a tax-free win in Delaware

W-Knicks 127, 87ers 112

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

You know what's fun? When your team puts together a 37-19 quarter. Oh yeah, those are good times.

The Westchester Knicks took a trip down to Delaware, home of tax-free shopping, and blew the doors off Bob Carpenter Sports Convocation Center* with a 37-19 fourth quarter en route to a 127-112 win over the 87ers. That's a lot of numbers!

*Located in the other Newark

Jimmer Fredette led the charge with 27 points, Travis Trice chipped in 18 points, six rebounds and seven assists, and Darion Atkins had a double-double (17 points, 11 rebounds) to go along with three steals and two blocks.


Note: Damien Inglis also had a good game, but he's on loan from the Milwaukee Bucks so he's dead to me.

It's games like these which make you think Darion Atkins could really be an NBA player. He's undersized at 6'8" but he's long, and he really gets after it on the defensive end. This is the best time in NBA history to be an undersized power forwards who can defend multiple positions. He still needs time to refine his offensive game, however. Here's hoping nobody picks him up so he can finish the season in Westchester and they can get another look at him in Summer League.

The W-Knicks are now 15-10. Not bad, fellas!