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Why Kristaps Porzingis deserves to top Kevin Durant in jersey sales

It's simple math, people.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Kristaps Porzingis can't stop, won't stop. The Latvian Juggernaut has already placed himself among the NBA's best in one category: jersey sales.

There are those out there who may wonder what exactly the rookie has done to sell more jerseys that Kevin Durant, the 2013-14 MVP. Sorry if you haven't been watching, Kristaps-doubters, but Zingis Khan has already surpassed Durant in almost every conceivable way.

1. By the Numbers

I did some research on Basketball-Reference and produced this handy graphic to compare their per-36-minute stats. What I found may shock you:

As you can see, not much separates the two players. Kristaps grabs more rebounds and blocks more shots, while Durant attempts more field goals. Do Durant's shots go in more often? Impossible to say.

Moving on...

2. The Charisma Factor

In case you haven't noticed, Durant has been rather surly of late, attacking the media for rating the Thunder below the likes of San Antonio and Golden State in terms of title contenders. Nobody wants to be friends with a Negative Nancy.

This dude could learn a little something fro Kristaps, who excels in turning frowns upside-down:

Posing for photos with the kid who cried when the Knicks selected him? Make me want to buy seven Kirstaps jerseys, one for each day of the week.

3. A Superior Muse

Kristaps Porzingis is the single driving force behind the golden age of Latvian hip-hop.

Now compare that with the most famous song ever inspired by Kevin Durant:

Buying a jersey is an investment. You don't buy stock in Yahoo just because you remember it doing well 15 years ago. You're looking for the next big thing. Kevin Durant is the past. Kristaps is the future ... and also the present. He is the alpha and the omega. Please go out and buy his jersey.