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Clippers 116, Knicks 88: Scenes from a game that couldn't end soon enough

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever. Clippers are very good, Knicks are merely okay, match-ups were tough, and the rims liked them better. One of those nights. At least Chris Paul got lip busted:

The other scenes from this game were just a first half of DeAndre Jordan dunking after Chris Paul collapsed the defense...

... and a second half of Jordan getting fouled on purpose, but kinda half-assedly. Melo shot terribly, Kristaps shot terribly, and I'm not sure Arron Afflalo ever shot. A good deal of basketball is just rolling dice, and all the Knicks' dice landed fart-side up tonight. Here's one cool dunk for you:

On to Charlotte, weather willing.

And hey, don't get too mad in this thread, please. At least not at each other. It'll be okay.