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Hornets 97, Knicks 84: Scenes from a listless basketball charade

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

I just wish they would give us a heads-up, you know? If we could receive a group text in the evening that says "hey we know we're playing a mediocre team missing half its rotation in a game that could matter long-term, aaaaaand yeah we're just not going to move our feet or cut hard or hold our picks or square ourselves to shoot or continue defending once the lead gets large" then I'd know not to fret too much. Some teams have nights like these. It sucks how they arrive without notice, and it sucks when they happen two nights in a row. I suppose the density of games this month could have something to do with it.

But yeah, the Knicks stuttered and flailed and wandered. They found some good shots they couldn't hit. Derek Fisher rooted into his rotation and found nary an awake lifeform.

Lotta this:

That from downtown, the free throw line ... everywhere. Probably that when they tried to squirt water into their mouths, too.

Some of this as well:

The Hornets had their moments, but they looked terrible as well. Knicks just didn't seem interested or lucky enough to match them in the moment-having department. Melo looked bushed, and felt sore:

Kristaps looked zoned out, Afflalo looked feeble, and Derek Fisher failed until too late to find a grouping eager to pick up the slack.

I look forward to the moment New York's mean level of effort and execution is back near its peak. Hopefully that's soon, because the schedule's getting thorny.

Don't think about this game. Go watch a movie or something.