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The New York Knicks signed Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


I have two feelings about this:

1. Thanasis, last I checked, was a very aggressive but not very composed athlete who can defend some wings and finish some things in transition simply because he's so fast and strong and bouncy. I don't think his shooting, which hasn't improved much, or his general decision-making makes him a prime candidate to help the Knicks in actual games -- not nearly as much as a solid point guard or sharpshooting wing would -- but ...

2. ... dude, fuck it. Thanasis is fun as hell. He might as well get a shot at some point, so why not when a couple people are hurting? It's just a 10-day deal, and it's easy enough to grab someone else if the Knicks don't appreciate what Thanasis offers in practice/garbage time/maybe real minutes because you never know.

Welcome to the Big Knicks, Thanasis!

Update: Here is some detail and also the delightful Bermanism "Jose groin is tricky"