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Wassup in Westchester: Jimmer Fredette an All-Star; Keith Bogans joins the W-Knicks

Sioux Falls SkyForce 128, W-Knicks 117

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Keith Bogans -- shooting guard, picked in the second round in the same draft as Carmelo Anthony, played for like 20 teams, part of the infamous Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce trade that crippled the Nets? The guy being guarded by Knicks head coach Derek Fisher in the headline photo? Well he's a Westchester Knick now! Welcome!

Sadly, not even Keith Bogans could save the Diggity-Dub-Knicks, who blew a big fourth-quarter lead en route to a 128-117 loss to the Sioux Falls SkyForce. Westchester scored 103 points over the first three quarters and 14 in the fourth. That's quite the reversal.


Jimmer Fredette (36 points!):

Darion Atkins:

Jordan Bachynski:

Travis Trice:

First of all, congratulations to Jimmer Fredette, who was named a D-League All-Star Friday. The dude is straight-up dominating the league to the tune of 22.7 points per game, so it was well deserved.

Darion Atkins may not be an All-Star, but he remains, in this writer's opinion at least, the W-Knick with the most NBA potential. Already a defensive beast, he's really started to hit that mid-range jumper, shooting 51.3% from the field in January. We all know how much the Knicks love mid-range jumpers!

Weep not for Westchester -- there are many positive aspects to this tough loss. Atkins is improving! Jimmer's an All-Star! Bogans is still playing basketball! They're all winners in my book!